Family Camping Trip 2022

May 20-21 | Camp Orr | $5 per person

We will be heading to Jasper, AR for a fun overnighter on the Buffalo River.  There are a variety of hiking trails, waterfalls, mountain bike trails, and floating options in the area.  Elk can be seen in the fields at camp in the early morning and evening and Twin Falls is just a few hundred yards from the entrance to camp.  It truly is a beautiful area.  

The camp will have showers, water, and a place to pitch a tent.  Everything else needs to be brought.  RVs will not make it down the hill into camp and are not permitted.  Participants register with a family, families will be responsible for those they bring, and each family brings their own supplies.  Attending students must register with either their own family or the family who will be responsible for them.   

Participants will drive separately and arrive as is convenient for each family on Friday, May 20.  Participants should bring their own canoes, kayaks, bikes, etc.  None are available for rent by the camp; however concessionaires are in the area for families who would like to line up local canoe or kayak rental.  We will leave on Saturday as the activities are completed.  

Please let Daniel know if you are planning to go hiking, floating, or mountain biking so that we can organize the appropriate shuttling and maps as needed.  



            - gear

            - food

            - filled out forms

            - firewood

            - masks

The camp has requested that participants bring masks.  They don't have to be worn unless in very close proximity.


            - hiking

            - floating

            - mountain biking

For floating, Steel Creek to Orr is approximately 10 miles, and there is a short trail from the river to Hemmed in Hollow (the tallest waterfall between the Rockies and Appalachians) along the way.

For hiking, there are a variety of trails, Antenna Pine is approximately a 2-3 mile round trip.  Clemmons Hollow is approximately 1 mile.   Hemmed in Hollow can be reached from Orr on foot as a day hike, as well as Granny Henderson's cabin. 

For mountain biking, there are trails on both sides of the river throughout the camp.  


            - Packing and Information Sheets

            - Directions to Camp Orr

            - Buffalo River Map

            - Mountain Bike Trails Map

            - Hiking Trails in the Area

The camp has request that each family please print and fill out one COVID screening for each family member to be turned in upon arrival.  

To register, click here.