Sunday School

Sunday School provides the opportunity to study the Bible and fellowship with other believers who share common interests. Sunday School meets at 9:30 on Sunday mornings and classes often have fellowships and activities unique to the preferences of each group.

Sunday School Classes


    Teachers: Wayne Warr and Grady Smith

    Classroom: EDU 102

  • mens 1

    Teachers: Robert Dale

    Classroom: EDU 117

  • j.o.y.

    Teachers: JoAnn Sexton

    Classroom: EDU 104

  • w.o.w.

    Teachers: Karen Buchanan and Linda Williams

    Classroom: EDU 101

  • CoEd Adult 1

    Teachers: Derek Varvil

    Classroom: EDU 114

  • coed adult 2

    Teachers: Tom Hill and Jason Horton

    Classroom: EDU 201

  • Coed Young Adults

    Teachers: Aaron Davis

    Classroom: EDU 202

  • magnify - college/younger adults

    Teachers: Caleb Reynolds

    Classroom: Blue Intern House Thursday Nights at 7:00pm

  • High School

    Age: Grades 9-12

    Teachers: Alicia Minks and Taylor Reynolds

    Classroom: Youth Room

  • Middle School

    Age: Grades 6-8

    Teachers: Nick Ledbetter and Bro. Daniel

    Classroom: Youth Room

  • 4th and 5th GRade

    Teachers: Jerry and Karla Bowden

    Classroom: FLC 129

  • 3rd Grade

    Teachers: Lyndsay Porter and Mistie Duncan

    Classroom: FLC 131

  • 1st and 2nd Grade

    Teachers: Marci Paxton and Denise Wallis

    Classroom: FLC 134

  • elephants and Tigers

    Age: 3 Year Olds - Kindergarten

    Teachers: Stephenie Dale and Michelle Paine

    Classroom: FLC 128

  • Monkeys

    Age: 1-2

    Teachers: Jennifer Spradlin and Darrah Walker

    Classroom: FLC 127

  • lambs

    Age: 0

    Teachers: Jennifer Spradlin and Darrah Walker

    Classroom: FLC 126